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Our Company

Stochastic Strategies was born out of a restless desire to help companies do more—create more innovative technology, provide more data leverage, and find more opportunity.

Stochastic (pronounced stow-KAS-tik, from the Greek stochastikos, or "skilled at aiming," since stochos is a target) describes an approach to anything that is based on probability. As the name suggests, our company's emphasis is on a statistical approach to navigating and mitigating the risk of uncertainty. This approach leads to robust, scalable and maintainable algorithm solutions for big data, signal processing, software services and more.


Stochastic Strategies is an engineering and scientific consulting firm whose members specialize in providing solutions to complex technical problems within US government, intelligence, civil markets, corporations, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. 


Stochastic Strategies, LLC is based in Dallas, Texas.



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