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Stochastic Strategy's team comprises experienced software and electrical engineers, data scientists and consultants in signal processing and optimization. We get a thrill out of tackling the most challenging problems by building technologies that bring value to businesses, government, people and the world.

Our Services


Our company offers a modern approach to technology that clients need to thrive in a new era of rapid business innovation. Our strategies intersect cloud, big data and agile development, creating an extensible framework that increases data leverage, accelerates application delivery, and decreases development costs—while providing enterprises and government the speed and scalability they need to improve their performance and competitive positioning.

Patent Experience

Globally-Convergent Geolocation Algorithm

United States 8188919

Issued May 29, 2012

Novel geolocation (radiolocation) research.

Systems And Methods For Direct Emitter Geolocation

United States 20140327571 A1

Filed May 31, 2013

Blind array-based geolocation with direct use of raw collected data.

Mobile Communication Device and Communication Method

United States 8255011

Issued August 28, 2012

Novel wireless communication radio and sensor system.

Pulse-Level Interleaving for UWB Systems

United States 20100278214 A1

Filed May 1, 2009

Novel modulation technique for ultrawideband wireless communication devices and sensors.

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+1 (512) 387-5012

Stochastic Strategies

350 North Saint Paul St, 2814
Dallas, Texas 75201



Areas of Practice


Data Science




Signal Processing



Geolocation (Radiolocation)



Real-Time Coding

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